SimInvest Lakukan Literasi Keuangan Bagi Ratusan Mahasiswa IPB

SimInvest menggelar SimInvestival Goes to Campus: IPB dengan tema Empowering Young Minds: ...

05/09 admin

Sinar Mas Dukung Transformasi Digital Dalam ASEAN-BAC

Sinar Mas mendukung transformasi digital dalam gelaran ASEAN Business Advisory Council (ASEAN-BAC). Perekonomian digital ...

05/09 admin

Dari Sinar Mas Untuk Indonesia Demi Maju Bersama

Sepanjang bulan Juli 2023, Sinar Mas melalui pilar usahanya melakukan beberapa kegiatan sosial yang cukup ...

01/08 admin

Maverick Hero, Program Pencarian "Pahlawan" ala Sinar Mas Multiartha

Pilar layanan keuangan Sinar Mas, yakni Sinar Mas Multiartha-Operation Office punya program seru bernama ...

07/07 admin





Sinar Mas is a brand of companies, active in seven business pillars: Pulp & Paper, Agri-business & Food, Financial Services, Developer & Real Estate, Communications & Technology, Energy & Infrastructure, and Healthcare. All of these businesses managed independently, but shared a common corporate history and values.

Sinar Mas is committed to the highest business, environment and social standards for sustainable inclusive growth. We are expressing the responsibility we feel for our employees, taking important initiatives in education and healthcare. Focusing on fulfilling basic human needs, our businesses have provided a strong contribution towards national economy.